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Updated: 15 April 2017


The full version of Minecraft 1.12 on Android has been published on our website, now you can download the game for free at the end of the page. The first innovations we were able to describe some of the first, helping you to understand everything together with us. The changes were few, especially important, most of them were aimed at helping developers create mods and addons.

All game files are at the end of the page/article. Don't forget to write reviews/comments on the update, share your opinions, we will enjoy reading it.


                                      Minecraft 1.12

Added new cameras to the game. It is noted that this feature was removed in version 0.16.0, and is now available for download. Even now the cameras are working with glitches. Now you can enable it and activate the camera in the "experimental game mode" in the map settings.

Now you can get cameras through the console command:

    /give <player_nick> camera 1




The main update was - the ability to crawl in the game. The developers didn't write about it anywhere, most likely because it's a temporary bug and a bug. However, if it is, then you can use it, as long as it works.

Before entering the tunnel you can install a block of water, as shown in the screenshots above. Then, when you get into the water, you can look down and press "Forward" twice, so you lie down and crawl.

The update brought few new features to the game, so our list of changes will be minimal.

Added the ability to autofill command blocks.

    Updated the Minecraft PE game rules: spawnRadius. Now you can specify a range from zero to thirty-two. Thus, there will be a random respawn at a random point from 0 to 32.
    Added a delay in command blocks, which now has units in ticks. Now 20 ticks is one second.
    Server owners now have a new change: you can configure ID synchronization between servers and the game client. Added Bedrock Edition action records.

New modifications and addons for developers

Most of the changes affected the fact that the developers have added new modifications and addons for developers. Since we have previously written about the fact that the developers are trying to do the maximum, so that other content creators can not easily add their own modifications and mods to the game.

Changes in the game

    Large settings for the behavior of monsters
    Large selection of items that can be added to the game thanks to addons
    It is now possible to add particles without any attachment to an item
    Updated mechanics to handle more new items and their selection

A total of 240 bugs have been fixed. Most have an average problem response. Despite the fact that there were few innovations in the game, the bugs were corrected to the maximum. Working on bugs is the very part the developers are working on now. If you're interested in getting the full list of all bugs, you can write to us in the comments to send them to you and tell us why we didn't write them here.

MCPE version 1.12 is in the latest beta testing phase. New updates are being made to the game and until the final version is released it will not be allowed to be updated (released). It is noted that the test version of the game is a bit unstable, and the latest 1.12.1 is nearing completion. To activate the mode in the game you need to turn on Experimental Gameplay and log in to Xbox Live without checking the license.

It is now known that the full version 1.12 is out.

Download Minecraft 1.12 for free

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