Download Minecraft PE (Test version) for Android

Minecraft PE (Test version) download for android
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Updated: 28 September 2022


The new beta (test version) of Minecraft PE received small changes and improvements, as well as bugfixes. It was to fix critical bugs that the developers spent all their energy to make the release of Minecraft 1.19 the best in history.

If you are viewing the game in viewer mode, there will no longer be unnecessary sounds. Also removed are the sounds when there is a selection from the bubble post. Technical edits have also been made to the game client.

Edits in Meinkraft

Minecraft PE (Test version)

Game Documentation

Added new documentation special for those who create mods and add-ons for the game Minecraft. Reworked the appearance of touch icons, now you will be able to create better textures and mods in MCPE, both current and future versions.

Fixed MCPE bugs

    Now if you throw construction platforms into the furnace, they won't burn for a long time
    If a layer of snow with a flower collapses, it now shows up as a collapse
    To copy columns with bubbles, you can no longer poke around with inventory and documentation, now everything works from the console with the command /clone
    Tridents no longer get their arrows stuck
    No longer can you use armor to remove the effects of desiccation
    Lighthouses can no longer disappear
    Drowned men can no longer swap weapons
    Selecting items from the equipment menu no longer bursts the game
    Touch selection and control allows you to drag and drop items from Minecraft Bedrock that you didn't stack before.

Download the test version of Minecraft BE for free from the links below. Do not forget that this is a test version, which means it has a lot of hidden bugs that the developers do not know yet. If you have found a bug or a problem, report it in the comments or social networking game.

And by the way, now updates of the game (especially releases) will weigh 500 megabytes, even if you'll download them from Google Play.

Download Minecraft PE (Test version) for free

No viruses, tested!
Download Minecraft PE (Test version) from Google Play


Minecraft PE (Test version)
Minecraft PE (Test version)
Minecraft PE (Test version)
Minecraft PE (Test version)
Minecraft PE 1.19.30 (Full Version)
Minecraft PE 1.19.30 (Full Version)
Maincraft 1.18.32 (Full Version)
Maincraft 1.18.32 (Full Version)
Maincraft PE
New release of Minecraft on Android
Minecraft 1.13
Minecraft 1.13: Foxes

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