Download Minecraft PE (Test version) for Android

Minecraft PE (Test version) download for android
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Updated: 15 September 2022


Beta version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition is finally available for all, which made small edits to the game moments and bugfix.

Still continuing to transfer mobail munecraft and everything you need to make the same with the Java Edition. Updated console commands /summon, which have been greatly expanded in function.

Improvements in Minecraft Bedrock

As we have previously described that the command "Summon" has been changed in it now there are new parameters such as, the names of creatures, different events during the appearance (spawn), coordinates.

So that the games of Meinkraft Bedrock Edition and Java become the same, Mojang are trying to do everything you need and start with the little things:

    The ravagers in both versions now have the same enlarged
    summoners deal increased damage
    redesigned amphibious movement
    projectiles no longer have a shake effect
    mud blocks no longer disappear when swimming and have their own textures
    Mud blocks can also sink
    the new colosseum got its own updated version of beds and paths
    pressure levels from the bubble column have been redesigned
    berries can now be planted in beds
    Fog has been added to observer mode and will be the same as everyone else.

Fixed bugs in Minecraft Pocket Edition

    Used to take damage from blocks with bubbles
    Damage often went through walls
    Dropped items from inventory for no reason
    Often showed messages that were optional, but notifications came as important.

Mod developers were pleased that they are saying updated documentation and wiki in a future update to The Wild Update on how to develop mods now.

Download Minecraft PE (Test version) for free

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Minecraft PE (Test version)
Minecraft PE (Test version)
Minecraft PE (Test version)
Minecraft PE (Test version)
Minecraft PE 1.19.30 (Full Version)
Minecraft PE 1.19.30 (Full Version)
Minecraft PE 1.15
New version of Minecraft 1.15 on Android
Maincraft PE
New release of Minecraft on Android
Maincraft 1.18.32 (Full Version)
Maincraft 1.18.32 (Full Version)

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