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Updated: 11 March 2020


The new version of Minecraft 1.15 on Android is out and available for download. The developers have redesigned the update and made it the same as the Java version of the game, also added new Education blocks and NPCs.

You can find all the download files at the bottom of the article with the update, you can go to the download at any time. Don't forget to write your feedback.

Yes, we've waited, the Nether Update game will finally be released, though it will already be Nether Update 1.16 (MCPE 1.16).

Mojang directed the entire update to a future update, thus releasing only Java Parity&Bug Fixes.

What are Bug Fixes?

Constant work on bugs and problems. After all, we all know that performance is the most important part of the game. If suddenly you don't have any problems, you're lucky, because someone else does.

What is Java Parity?

It is exactly the combination of Bedrock & Java versions. So Bedrock will finally look like the Java version of the game (pc). From now on all releases will be released on two platforms at once and will be the same.

Is there a difference between Bedrock & Java?

No, because the developers have decided to get rid of Bedrock version and made all versions the same.

They added a 3D model drop.

Now all dropped items will have their own 3D model. Recall that previously 3D were only blocks.

Char Curse of Connection I

                                       Minecraft PE 1.15

Added a new char "Char Curse of Bonding I" - the item now has a certain char that cannot be dropped.

You can enchant your armor, elite and pumpkin. To do this, you need to find a book or just type the command into the console:

    /ehcnant Steve binding
    /enchant Steve 27

Cactus Boat.

Redesigned mechanics to make a seamless transition to Java, now when the boat touches the cactus it will first crack and then break completely.

New blocks from Education


Added to the game from Education Edition. Can now limit the actions of players.

Block description:

    Prohibit. Above this block, you will no longer be able to put or break anything.
    Allow. Above this block you can now place or break something.
    Border. This blocks movement above and below this block. You can cheat with the Edge Pearl. Can emit red particles.

NPC mobs from Education


Another update that carries over elements from Education Edition. Non-game characters that are somewhat similar to the inhabitants.

Can be spammed with commands or with summon eggs:

    /summon npc
    /summon minecraft:npc
    /give @s spawn_egg 1 51

No movement, no behavior or actions, completely invulnerable.

You can make your own interface (specify your own name of the mob, dialogs, appearance: a total of 20 variations and other advanced settings).

This way you can even create your own quest.

New Movements

The character editor has been updated with new moves for Steve and Alex. Now when you select your character's items he can yawn or dance, after saving the character set.

Fixed bugs.

A total of 61 bugs in the game have been fixed, making the game faster.

List of changes:

    Fully optimized game client, where they fixed a lot of bugs related to the game crashing
    Shalker crates are now visible, instead of being invisible before
    The game does not crash after using bone meal
    The game does not crash after the hives are lit
    Fixed a bug with accidental text reading on Xbox One
    Fixed a bug when picking sweet berries
    Made the transition from water to land smoother
    The player is now not slowed down after using a fishing rod while running
    Squatting is possible in the water, now the game will not crash
    Fixed a bug from which, players would wake up with their head in a block
    Fixed Raid lane when going from another dimension to somewhere
    Redstone misses barrels
    Barrels filled with something when dropped no longer break
    Explosions can cause water damage
    Cactus blocks can break other blocks
    Iron Golem began to appear more often
    Added horse jump animations
    Gastas no longer appear in peaceful difficulty
    More wolves are appearing
    Villagers do not run around when on a raid
    Wagons no longer shudder if they have monsters in them
    Drowned men no longer give tridents if they did not originally have one
    Cats can sleep with players again
    Villagers can no longer break doors
    Items baby foxes can hold properly
    Enchanted elites can emit light
    Hints for players will always be displayed when loading
    Costumes can be used in the character editor and they no longer disappear.

Note that the latest version of MCPE 1.15 Beta is Developers are skipping the 1.15 release and moving on to Minecraft Bedrock 1.16

Other changes to the game

    You no longer need to make a prop to make a gate and a pumpkin
    Oka Edge explodes as it did in the Java version
    Conductor can use his power in the rain
    Approach is generated under giant spruces
    You can now pick up flowers from pots, and don't break pots anymore
    Damaged bows can now be used when crafting a dispenser.

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