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The most long-awaited update of the game, which should have been released a long time ago. However, the developers-studio Mojang announced a new version of the game Minecraft 1.13 for Android. So finally foxes appear in the game, that's the main thing, the rest we will tell you in detail below.

Recall that the files to download the game are at the bottom of the page, there you will also find links to similar versions + a link to Google Play.

                                       Minecraft 1.13

The most important change of this update is Foxes. These animals lead a nocturnal lifestyle and try to sleep in forest biomes during the day. They can be both in normal forests and snowy taiga. If you meet them in a snowy biome, then you can see how the color of the fox changes, it becomes a fox.

Very fond of sweet berries and you can feed them with berries, if you feed more than 2 foxes, then you can achieve that they will not run away from you. Also the cubs will not be afraid of you.

Interesting facts about foxes

    Any item thrown from players, the fox takes in his teeth and carries to his lair. Hunts other animals, can jump fences and walls. Wolves and bears can attack foxes if they come closer than 18 blocks.
    If a fox was suddenly able to take your item, it can only give it back if you throw it food in return.
    If you give her an enchanted item, then it will work its charms when attacking her.
    If she has a totem of immortality in her teeth, then she will have extra life.
    The fox never attacks players on its own.
    If you train the fox then it will defend you as long as it trusts you.

Structural Blocks

The structured blocks in the game have been updated and improved, they can now be copied and pasted into any object. This way you can move your houses to new lands without losing them and keep all your buildings.

You can now get a structured block in the following ways:

    /setblock <coordinates x y z> structure_block
    /give <player_nick> structure_block <number>

Walking animation

An updated and in some places new walking and running animation. Now if you use the 1st person view, then the camera will sway with the character, the same happens while running. It's new mechanics and adding realism to the MCPE game.

Chat Settings

The ability to chat and correspond with others, has become an important part of this game. New chat settings have now been added to the game. You can activate the speaker in the settings if necessary. Also added the ability to completely silence chat.

New chat settings:

    Changing the font.
    Line spacing between messages
    Changing the text color
    Changing the address to the player.

Other changes.

Above are the important changes that took up most of the changes of the update. Now let's talk about those that have been added, but players did not notice them immediately, such as the cow in shock.

    Updated clouds - changed in design that made them lighter.
    Frames that can now be mounted on either side.
    Music blocks that have been added to the game for use.
    Bulbs add more lighting, help map and worlds developers do lighting.
    Suspicious soups, which can put unexpected effects on players.
    Desiccation rose, can ruin any vegetation near the house.
    Brown Mushroom Cow, a completely new one, which was created by a lightning strike on a Red Cow.
    1.8 blocks, which is how tall the character now is.
    Titles now appear in the game after killing the Dragon.
    Dead Corals, now available in the open ocean.
    Feast has been added to the game, now after defeating a raid there will be one.

Update for addon developers.

Updated and added big changes that are related to the development and tools for mods and addons in the game. Mojang are trying to develop this area so that developers can create mods and addons that they just want in the game. I would like to mention that new updates and addons in Minecraft Bedrock. A total of 32 edits to help developers create cool mobs.

Fixed bugs in the game.

Where without bugs and bug fixes. A total of 123 bugs have been fixed by official developers. Each update brings something new to the game, which can also cause controversy and problems that need to be fixed. Unfortunately, there is no update where everything went without bugs and problems.

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