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Version of Minecraft 1.18 on Android updated the second and final part of the update series "Caves and Rocks". Recall that the first version was Minecraft 1.17, in the new version you will find new - Watchmen, mountains, caves and biomes, which you will tell below in detail for everyone.

Changed the generation of the world.

Completely redesigned caves, mountains and updated and added ore veins to the game. Updated the height of the world, now the highest point is Y=320, and the lowest Y=64.

Blocks can be set up to Y=319 level, it should be noted that the level of clouds and the sky has increased from Y=128 to Y=192. Now you can not create a world type "Old", starting with MCPE 1.18 will not be able to create such cities.


                                    Minecraft pe 1.18

Caves can be created (generated) up to Y=-59, and can consist of several stones, most often Stone and Deep Shale.

Caves can be created from Stone and it is generated from Y=0, and starting from Y=-7 will start "Stone, Deep Shale", and from Y=-8 only Deep Shale.

You can also find ore in the Deep Shale and Tuff layers. Exactly what you won't find with the layers: Earth, Andesite, Granite, Diorite.

Features of the new caves:


The caves have biomes, reservoirs and aquifers. The latter are generated at minuscule levels already with lava. The old caves have been updated and can now be combined with the new updated caves.

Rifts have been added, which are narrow but very deep canyons. They also added noisy caves (cheese caves, spaghetti caves):

    Cheesy caves are a source of ore, aquifers that can be found in tall stone columns. In large caves, you can fly eliters.
    Spaghetti Caves - very long caves with aquifers.

New Mountains.


Added a lot of different mountain biomes that can be higher up to 256 blocks. Often you can now find Outlaw Outposts, now more about everything:

    Mountain Meadows: Can be found at the foot of the mountains, flowers, bushes and various sweet berries bloom most often. Animals appear here, such as donkeys, rabbits and sheep.
    Mountain groves: Appear and are found in mountain meadows. There is snow at the top, spruce trees grow, and of the animals you can find wolves, foxes, sheep, pigs, chickens, and cows.
    Snowy Slopes: This is the penultimate level of the mountain, where there is a lot of snow and ice. Here you can find goats, rabbits, and of the plants, the Igloo.
    Toothed peaks: Strongly covered with snow and ice, but their appearance depends if there are nearby biomes warm, you can meet goats.
    Glaciated peaks: Appear if there are cold biomes around. Consists of different styles: ordinary snow, loose snow and thick ice. More often than not, goats are found.
    Rocky tops: Generated at the boundaries between warm and cold biomes. It is a warm option between Snowy and Toothed peaks. Completely covered with stone and gravel. Also appear, but rarely, on clusters of Calcite.

Otherwise changed the mountains slightly, added new ores - coal, iron, emerald for mining. Updated all ore structures.

Updated rules for ore generation

According to the new rules, different runes can now be obtained at new defined levels:

    Coal Ores: Most often found at Y=136 to Y=256, rarer at Y=0 to Y=192 and maximum generation at Y=96.
    Copper ores: Most often can be found from Y=16 to Y=112, the maximum generation is at Y=48. Large clusters can be found in the Karst Cave.
    Iron ores: Most often found at Y=-64 to Y=-32, Y=79 to Y=256 (in the wastelands), more rarely at Y=-24 to Y=57, Y=80 to Y=256 and maximum generation at Y=16 and Y=256.
    Gold ores: Most often found at Y=64 to Y=32, rare at Y=0 to Y=192 and maximum generation at Y=16.
    Lapis lazuli ores: Most often can be found from Y=64 to Y=64, rarer at Y=32 to Y=32 and maximum generation at Y=0.
    Red Ores: Most often can be found on Y=64 to Y=15, rarer on Y=64 to Y=32 and maximum generation on Y=64.
    Diamond ores: Most often can be found from Y=-64 to Y=16, the maximum generation is at Y=-64.
    Emerald ores: Most often it is possible to find them at Y=16 to Y=256, the maximum generation is at Y=256.

Ore veins.

An extremely rare accumulation of ores and different blocks. Copper Ore and Granite are found at levels above Y=0, but Iron Ore and Tuff can be found at levels below Y=0.

New Biomes

There are new underground biomes which we will tell you about in detail below.

Lush Caves

New variation of caves, which have a huge amount of vegetation. Most often located high above ground level and have a lot of vegetation and fauna: Axolotls, Tropical fish, Glowing octopus and Batfish spawn.

Occasionally ponds of Clay bottoms appear, you can see how the surface is covered with moss, leaf and trafa has light green colors.

Here you can find:

    Sporophytes .
    Blocks of moss, mossy cover.
    Azalea and Flowering Azalea
    Cave vines.
    Luminous berries
    Azalea foliage (common and flowering)
    Rooted earth
    Dangling roots
    Young hardwood
    Large hardwood

Grim depths.

Appears beneath the ground. Here you can find the Watchman. In addition, there are Sculk block, Acoustic Sensor and Candles. It is noted that the deep shale can appear at Y= -1 to -65. Once you get close to the Watchman the lights may darken.

Karst Cave.

New biome with dripstones and their blocks. They are the ones that create the stone icicles with different names: Stalactites are at the top, Stalagmites are at the bottom and Stalagmites, fill the entire space from bottom to top.

Can cause serious and powerful damage to pro players, can fall on the hero, there are different places where water drips and it can be collected in the cauldron.

Blocks and Items

    Skalk Blocks. Blocks of the Grim Depths.
    Goat Horn. New goat horn item

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