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Updated: 18 October 2021


The event Minecraft Live 2020 ended and that is what was shown and announced there update "Caves and Rocks". Thus, the new version of meinecraft 1.17 is available for download already from our website, download meinecraft 1.17 at the link-button at the end of the article. What updates and changes have been made?

New changes in minecraft 1.17
Lush caves.

Not only new biomes have been added to the game, but also blocks that will be in a future update and a new biome. They are now available in creative mode and inventory:

    Moss block and moss cover
    Azalea and flowering Azalea
    Cave Liana.
    Glowing berries.
    Azalea leaves of two kinds: regular and flowering
    New soil with roots
    Roots that hang down
    Hardwoods: young and large

Lianas and berries.

                               Minecraft 1.17

New cave lianas and luminous berries. They grow on Cave lianas and vines. Most often growing from top to bottom, thanks to the vines you can grow glowing berries. You can pick them without breaking the vines' blocks. You can also get berries thanks to Bone meal. Specialized lianas glow where there are berries (which can be eaten). All vines can be climbed.



There are two kinds of hardwoods: young and large. It is noted that this is a unique and unusual plant, which has not been in the game before.

    Large hardwood: it can be stepped on, can hold players, though 1.5 seconds.
    Young hardwood: if you add bone meal, then immediately grows big. And each time you apply the bone meal, the hardwood will increase.

Glowing lichen.


A new type of plant that has its own source of light in caves. New interesting and useful properties in the game MCPE: Has itself a dim light source, appears in caves. Can be covered with water, as well as cut with regular scissors. If you throw in bone meal, you can spread the lichen to nearby blocks. It can be added to the composter as needed.

Karst Caves.


A new kind of biome that is only available in Assorted or Custom worlds. There are stone icicles here, they do damage when falling.

Glowing Sprout.


A brand new kind of mob that is a vote winner at the Minecraft Live 2020 event. It glows, lives in the depths of the sea and is rarely found in underground caves. It can drop a bag of ink that glows.

Luminous Ink.


A necessary item to create a unique frame with the underbrush. To get it you need to combine a normal frame with glowing ink.

Acoustic sensor


A unique new unit that allows you to build wireless circuits. Now you can only get it through commands.

Reminder, about the features: it reacts to vibrations and strong sounds. The signal depends on the distance to the sound. Will not work under water. Wool has properties to muffle sound, the device (unit) does not react to weather changes.

Amethyst gems.


A new structure that appears underground, the usual levels for appearing below Y=70. This is where Amethysts and Calcites can be found.



Appear and grow on either side of a blooming Amethyst. It is now known that there are 4 stages of growth:

Amethyst bud from stage 1 to 3, Amethyst cluster is the last stage.

From the last stage, 4 shards of amethyst may fall out. Usually you need an iron pickaxe or even better for extraction.



An underwater type of mob that is generated in the water in the depths of the earth. Can't appear on its own, but it has strong features:

    It can be spawned if fed with fish, there is no way to tame it.
    Can move around on land, but not long, then dies.
    Can attack fish, ospreys, and guards if he does not like something.
    He has different colors, all with the same chance of generation, except for the blue, he can only appear when multiplying.
    Has the ability to pretend to be dead, so as not to get the damage, and himself at this time is healed.
    If the player kills a mob that was attacked by Axolotl, then all effects are removed.
    Can be caught with a bucket.

Raw ore


If players break blocks of ore, raw ore can fall out of it. It can then be collected and melted into ingots. In total, new types of ores have been added to the game: raw copper, raw iron, and gold. Older types of ore can also be melted down.

Blocks of raw ore


A new kind of blocks where you can compact raw ore together. You can have up to 9 units in total, because that's how much you need to create a block.



Bags have been added that allow you to save space in your inventory. If you check in on a bag's cell, you can see what items are inside. You can tie the bag and pass it with all items to another player (friend). Pull out any number of items if necessary.



Added new resources that are generated underground. You can use telescope and lightning rod for crafting. You can now craft copper blocks that can turn green over time.



If a thunderstorm starts, there is a tool that attracts all lightning strikes and creates a special sound. It can be made of copper.



A tool that allows you to look at distant objects. To collect, you need 2 copper ingots, 1 shard of amethyst. A very important and useful item.

New Mobs

    Goat, found in mountain biomes.
    Screaming goat, a rare species of this animal.

Additional new units

    Mellow snow.
    Tinted glass.
    Deep slate.

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