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Updated: 27 December 2021


Surely, many of you have already heard about this wonderful computer game. It is not surprising, because its popularity motivated the developers to create a portable version of Minecraft for Android download. And its popularity it deserved quite rightly, and here's why.


The beauty of this toy is that you are free to do whatever you want. The user is presented with an open world that he can supplement and change at his discretion, inhabit the territory with any available creatures (updates include new types of creatures), build any structures and fight with rivals.

As in reality, day turns to night, and hostile creatures begin their dark work.


In the game you can explore parallel worlds, which can be accessed through special portals. The total number of actions you can perform here is in the tens of thousands. In other words, you won't be bored, so you can Download Meincraft 1.13 and it guarantees an interesting pastime.

Features of the game Meinkraft on Android:

-Cute and nice graphics.

-Complete freedom of action in the truest sense of the word.

-Opportunity to play together with friends locally or on the global network

-The ability to change the characteristics of all elements of the environment

-The game is regularly updated and upgraded

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition for free

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Download Minecraft Pocket Edition from Google Play

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