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Android's Meinecraft 1.19, first shown at Minecraft Live 2021, the future update will be called "Wild Update". It promises to add Guardian, Grim Depths, Speshik and completely redesign biomes.

                                   Minecraft pe 1.19
New biomes will be added.

There will be redesigned improved biomes and add variety to them. Thus there will be a large number of variations for the standard biomes in the game Minecraft.



Totally new forest biome. What exactly it will be as yet no information, the developers showed the players only concept art (above). Anyway, the new location will greatly diversify the game.

Grim depths.


Another new biome. This time is very deep underground, to get there will not be easy.

To get there you need to turn on the experimental mode. Now it will be the darkest biome. Its generation starts from Y=-1 to Y=-64. The entire surface will be covered by the Rock.

In this biome there will be only one keeper of mobs - Guardian. Of interest will be various unique chests and candles. Otherwise the area does not give anything supernatural yet.

Ancient City.


The Ancient City is a new structure in the new biome, the Grim Depths. The city looks like it has been abandoned and is dilapidated.

A lot of gloomy places inside the city, something reminiscent of the Hell Fortress. This is where the Guardian appears.

The city consists of: Basalt, Deep Shale, and Rock Blocks. Generation inside the city: Soul Fire, Soul Sand, Soul Lantern, Candles.

What can be found in town: Candles and Skeleton Skulls. There are useful items and chests with rare items (Shards of Echoes).

There is a unique and challenging trap in the center of town.
Mangrove Swamp.


A new swamp biome. There will be a lot of vegetated mangrove trees. The whole surface will be made up of mud. In general, nothing interesting to find here (at least that's not what the authors told us).
New blocks

There will be added new blocks: Skalk blocks, Mangrove Tree blocks and Mud blocks, which are located in new biomes. We'll tell you more below.

Mud and Mud Brick.


Located in the Mangrove biomes. Have the following properties:

Completely created from blocks of earth and flasks of water. These blocks can be turned into clay if you place these blocks over a Drip block with a growing Drip block.

Mud bricks are needed for buildings, they consist of mud, sand and wheat.
Mangrove blocks.


New Mangrove Tree blocks. There are several types of trees in total:

    Mangrove wood - the base of mangrove trees, you can make mangrove boards.
    Mangrove foliage - part of a mangrove tree, a decoration.
    Mangrove Sprout - can grow into a Mangrove Tree, most often under the foliage. There is a possibility in water, on the ground.
    Mangrove roots - used for decoration.
    Mangrove boards - used as a building block. Created from Mangrove wood. Can be used as Boards.

Skalk Blocks

Most often generated in the Grim Depths. Have their own animations, can give extra experience when breaking them. Announce that all of these items in future updates will be linked to the Watchman.



A unit that allows you to create wireless circuits. What properties does it have:

Appears and is generated in the Grim Depths. Can appear when dying mobs that are near the Skulk Catalyzer. Has animated textures, more optimized for weaker PCs and phones.
Skalk vein


They are created in layers, like Snow, and have the following features:

Can be placed in any direction. Players may consider blocks under the Skulk veins. Are used in wireless schemes. The place of generation goes in the Grim Depths. Will most often be in Redstone circuits.

Acoustic Sensor.


A new unit that allows you to build wireless circuits:

Generated in the Grim Depths biome. Creates special signals, the sensor creates and reacts to vibrations. Doesn't react if player walks on Woolly blocks. Can create simultaneous vibrations and reacts only to the one closest to the player or to the highest frequency.
Skulk Catalyzer

A secret and arcane block that releases souls. Has the following block properties:

Can be activated when a mob dies and reacts within a radius of 8 blocks.

You do not gain experience if nearby creatures die. After a nearby mob dies, a charge appears. The strength of which depends on the experience of the killed mob, all charges go through Skalk blocks and turns ordinary blocks into Skalk. For one transformation of blocks you can 1 charge, if not used will disappear after a while. The rate of disappearance depends entirely on the distance to the Skalk Catalyst. If a charge disappears within 4 blocks of the Skalk Catalyzer, it can turn into an Acoustic Sensor or Skalk Shrieker. Charges are combined upon encounter.
Skalk Shriker

Can make scary and creepy noises when activated. Has the following features:

Activated by the Acoustic Sensor and imposes a Darkness effect and emits rings. Can sleep the Watcher when used multiple times. No experience rolls.
Frame Block.

Generates blocks in an open frame of the Dark Depths. Has the following properties: may consist of Deep Shale, how to use and what other properties there are unknown.

Frog Roe.

Tadpoles appear. You can't get them temporarily in Survival Mode. When two Frogs breed, caviar appears, can hatch from 2 to 6 tadpoles at a time. Most often placed on the water, if you destroy nothing falls out.
New Mobs

Known about 5 new mobs. Provided a detailed description of each and we will talk about them below.

Guardian (Varden)


Somewhat reminiscent of the Minotaur. He reacts strongly to sounds and smells fear of the enemy, so if you don't want him to notice you, you have to move quietly.

He's in the Dark Depths himself, can cast a Darkness effect every 6 seconds on enemies and reacts to vibrations. If he doesn't have vibrations, then he starts using his sense of smell. Uses silent footsteps, can deliver a sonic attack at a distance and knock back opponents.

Unobtrusive if he can't hear his prey. Waiting for a signal from the Screamers to attack, if they walk near him loudly, he becomes stronger. If he gets angry he starts growling before attacking and then gives a strong attack. If you stop pissing him off, he goes back.

If you start collecting loot from the Chests, you can make and use projectiles no more than once every 5 seconds. Don't forget that the Guardian breaks shields on impact. The Skulk Catalyzer may fall out of him. If you do not plan to fight him, then it is better to move quietly and not to disturb the Guardian.

It's important to understand that the strong blow he has up to 30 units per blow, has the same speed as the player. His health is from 84 health units and his height is above 3.5 blocks.


A new swamp mob. Most often spawns in the Swamps, can jump high and walk on land. Can spawn Seagrass and is baited. Deposits eggs after breeding, recall that tadpoles emerge from the eggs.

Only three kinds of frogs: green, brown, white. Likes to eat the little Slugs, the Slugs fall out when eaten.

This is the embryo of a Frog. Most often appears in the Swamps, has a health of 3 hearts, lives in the water. On land, they die quickly, but if in water, they can transform and become Frogs. If you plan to catch them, then you need a bucket.


New insect. How it interacts with other mobs is unknown. May not appear in this update, but it is known that will definitely add to the game.
Speshik (Elay).

New flying mob, which is the winner of the vote on Minecraft Live 2021. Can be added in Experimental mode, glows in the dark and can pick up objects.

Can follow players while holding an item in his hands, if there is a Music Block nearby, the mob will leave items near the block, not the player. Can give items to players. Most often appears near the Outlaw Outpost and in the Forest Mansion.
Cloning Speshik.

Can clone himself. You can clone Speshik by turning on the Player at the beginning of his dance, and the monster will stop dancing when you turn the Player off or away from him. Can issue Amethyst Shard during his dance. Emits Amethyst sounds and hearts appear near it. Clones are cloned every 5 minutes.
New Items

    Boat with chest (new transport) for moving on water and carrying chests.
    Frog Light. New lighting device.
    Brass Horn. New item for playing sounds.
    Recovery Compass. A new version of the compass.
    Music Record 5. New music is added.
    Darkness Effect. Unique effect for Varden (Watchman) and Skulk Shrieker.
    Spectator Mode. New experimental mode.

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