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Updated: 20 April 2021


Nether Update is the new global game update and change to Nether that was shown to all players at Minecon 2019. Are you ready to see a hell of an update that brings a bunch of new and cool features to the game Minecraft 1.16.

                                       Minecraft 1.16

A totally enemy mob that appears in the Crimson Forest or Bastion. Likes to hunt Hoglins, as soon as they kill them, they immediately start dancing.

Strongly afraid of the blue fire of souls, love gold. If suddenly the player has something of gold (armor, item, gold) then he will not attack it. Can turn into ZombiePiglin in the Upper World. Defends his chest most of the time, when defending with a 25% chance a baby Pyglin can appear.



A new enemy mob that appears in the Crimson Forest of the Lower World in groups of 4 mobs at a time.

Can attack players, has a high chance of tossing the player in the air when attacking, has an increased radius and can spawn with Crimson Mushrooms. Does not like distorted mushrooms, often drops pork and skin from himself.

There is also a 25% spamming cubs that run away when hit.

Many may wonder, why not Pigpotamus? Because the players voted to change the name and the new name "Hoglin" was the winning vote.



A new kind of mob that can walk on lava. Most often found on the Lower World in the lava lake (any).

Warped mushrooms help the mob reproduce, likes warped games a lot. Can be saddled if you wear a saddle and can be controlled with a fishing rod on which will be a distorted mushroom. If you click on the rod, then the mob accelerates.
Neserit was added to the game.

Now it's the most expensive items (source, material) in the game MCPE. Can not burn in lava, improves items, especially diamond armor or tools. Improvement gives a large percentage to durability.

Can be used in a lighthouse. Nozerite is now known to be worth more than diamonds.

How do I get Neserite?


You can find ancient debris in the Lower World that can be broken with a diamond or neserite pick, then melt the debris into Neserite scrap.

New Hell biomes

There are new biomes in the game, as many as 4 of them. So explore the new AD.

Valley of Souls Sand.

Now this is the most dangerous biome, which is surrounded by fog and has a bright turquoise color. It can burn in blue flames.

The valley is full of skeletons, gusts, edge wanderers and more.

Crimson Forest.

Located on the Lower World and has bright red colors. Lots of crimson mushrooms and there are hoglins and pyglins. There is a red mist around the forest.

Warped Forest.

The biome is in the Lower World and has a bright turquoise color. There are many large distorted mushrooms and the inhabitants are Wanderers of the Edge.

Basalt Influxes.

A brand new biome that sort of resembles a volcanic eruption. There is white ash flying everywhere, and there are lots of cubes and blackstone.

Bastion Ruins.

Bastions are large structures of the Piglins, somewhat reminiscent of castles. There are everywhere in the Lower World, except the Basalt Deltas. There are 4 types in total: bridges, stables, dwellings, and treasure houses.

For each biome, our team will try in the near future to write detailed guides on the passage and the collection of loot.
New blocks

There are more than 10 new blocks in the game:

    Wood Products
    New Types of Plants
    New Fire
    Renaissance Anchor
    and others.

Anchor of rebirth


New mechanic and point for your respawn in the Lower World. To collect it you need: Weeping Obsidian (6 pieces), Lightstone (3 pieces).

How to put this point on the spawn?

We put a revival anchor, then charge it with 4 lightstones and press the anchor and it will work until the charges run out.


A special block that can attract the compass arrow. To do this, you need to set the magnetite on the compass and click on it, then it will begin to show where you can find and mine the magnetite.

What to understand how it works, you can use and activate in the experimental mode of the game.

Animated Emotions.

Recall that this was first shown at Minecon 2019, and promised to be added a long time ago. Then there were the first refinements, but now they were added to the character editor and now you can in the tab "Emotions" and every time will be added to the emotion with the update.



The redstone behavior option has appeared. It's become much more logical and easier. The old ones will stop working or will be redesigned. Waiting for the full news. Redstone will be in Bedrock soon.


Soil is a new block, which is something like the sand of souls. No longer slows the player, if the fire is on the soil will be blue.

Fire of Souls.

Block that does double damage and more damage than normal. Damage is more severe if you set your souls on fire. Occurs in the Vale of Sand and tends to never go out.

Abandoned Portals.

There are new generations in the Upper and Lower Worlds. There is floating obsidian, lava and magma. You can find a unique and rare treasure chest. There are a total of 13 different portals each with their own variation of chests.


Appeared a block mechanic, which allows you to hit an arrow or other object on the block. Can create a redstone signal.

If you hit closer to the center, then you can increase the signal level. Total can be up to 15 units.

Other Changes

    Soul Speed (new char that can speed up the player and the bonus is temporary, because it breaks the boots with each step).
    Lower World Gold Ore.
    Added a vine that grows from top to bottom.
    Added a campfire, TNT, which is set on fire.
    Zombipiglin, which used to be Zombyswinehuman.
    Chain Crafting.

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