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A new update to the game Minecraft 1.11, which is global compared to the others. Here added new effects, the ability to raid village settlements and additional functional tools in the game.

Download Minecraft 1.11 for free already at the end of this article, but we recommend to read all the changes before you go to download the update, because the buglist was great, as well as new updates are worth your attention.


The villages have a special outpost of outlaws. Each outlaw camp has a leader where there is a villain flag. If you kill the leader, then you will get the "Trouble Branding" effect. If you visit a village with this effect, then a raid begins immediately.

All the mobs are brigands, defectors, summoners and witches will attack you during the raid. There is a red indicator "Raid", which shows how protected the village is.

To impose this effect yourself, you can use through the console:

    Trouble branding: /effect <player_name> bad_omen <number_second>
    Village hero: /effect <player_name> village_hero <number_seconds>

Also in raids can be ravagers, which are now highly optimized and handled by the Mojang development team. In the last update they were made even better, updated artificial intelligence, which finally got their own voice and action behavior.

Rarely, but it is possible to meet a Robber who has saddled the Razor. Mobs can also participate in raids, but they do not attack residents' children, and adults are not greedy.

Residents from the village got new appearance and appearance, which now depend on their profession and biomes of residence.  Merchants from the same biome will now have different looks, but the styles will be similar, but you can still tell them apart.


Completely redesigned trading mechanics. Now residents can also trade items, goods, which depend entirely on their profession. Trade experience is accrued to all, which means that the demand for goods will depend on it.

No sales time raid, it is noted that residents can emit particles of sweat during sales. Also changed the visual interface of the trade.

Economic Inventory System

Developed from scratch the economic inventory system. All stock of goods will now be replenished if workers are at their workplace professionally. The price of goods/products will be completely dependent on market demand. Everyone can make different purchases and sales to increase a villager's experience, the higher the level, the more new deals a villager can make. Raise your experience to get a Village Hero, that way you can get discounts on new goods.

If you need to replenish your supply of goods, you have to wait or enter the command:



Bonfire and fire used to be added in past versions of Minecraft PE, but now they have been improved and added the ability to cook food on the fire. Now you can cook up to 4 dishes at a time and it will take until they are fully cooked.

Now its burning fire it is accompanied by sounds of fire for atmosphere. There is an option to control the height of the smoke, if you throw blocks of hay on the fire. Its height will be 2.5 times more.


It should be noted that a lot of tools have recently been added to the game, where their functionality has not been marked. Authors-developers to add their application to the game, only today, a large part of the new update have found their place. The bulk of the tools were added to the village to have their functions.

All tools:

    Mapmaker's table
    Stonecutter or stonecutter
    Melting furnace.

The sharpener is a real working tool for the blacksmith, it has the ability to remove enchantments from objects and can repair them. You can add the sharpener to two broken or damaged ones, then there will be one full working tool. If you use the sharpener to remove enchantments from an item, then only a portion of the experience for the action will return to the player.

The mapper's table was added to the mapper's house for the first time. Necessary for copying and expanding, as well as laminating paper maps. You can add a basic card to the kraft and slot, and an additional card or item to another slot, depending on what action you need.

    Copying: blank card
    Expanding: sheet of paper
    Lamination: glass

The stonecutter is a tool that can cut any stone. If you put a stonecutter in a block of stone, and you will get the desired result in a second. Some will require a workbench, you can use a stonecutter there too.

Barrel - most often appears in the fishermen's houses, it is necessary for storing items. Now it does not differ from the chest, only in appearance and style. Even the volume is the same as the chest.

Bell added to the game and he even got his voice and animation of the subject. If you press it there will be a chime and the residents who hear it will run around the house.

The composter is needed to process all edible and vegetable items into bone meal. You can fill it with food or grass, then after processing it can turn into humus. And you will end up with 1 unit of bone meal. A composter can be found at rustic farms.

The smokehouse is a kind of regular stove that allows you to fry food. Reworked the speed of cooking, it became twice as fast. You can now find it in villages, especially at butchers. It can also be assembled - if you make a craft from wood and stone oven. You can only break it down with a pickaxe.

Smelting furnace is needed to melt ore. Now smelted several times faster than before. You can get by crafting, using the furnace and 3 smooth stones, 5 ingots of iron.

We would like to remind everyone that our team collects all versions of Mcpe in one place and you can download them and they do not require a license. You get full access to Xbox Live, which allows you to not think about buying the game, but play on the official servers without any problems.

Our website has published a full version of the game Minecraft 1.11 with all the changes, you can download from the links below.

Download Minecraft 1.11 for free

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