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Battlefield Mobile is not just another multiplayer shooter. After all, it was created by Electronic Arts! That means that all gamers are waiting for one of the best games in this genre, which was created for mobile devices with a glance at the main parts of the series released on PC. It has everything that fans of the genre: teeth-grinding action, huge maps with a large number of participants, military equipment, an impressive arsenal of weapons and excellent graphics!

                                     Battlefield Mobile

Battlefield Mobile on android inherited a well-known gameplay feature from the main parts of the series. We are talking about the class system, through which teams can coordinate roles and follow them during large-scale battles. Specifically, you can choose the role of a stormtrooper, sniper, medic, or support operative. Each has their own unique abilities and inherent type of weaponry. The same player with the support skill can use his gadgets to quickly eliminate the enemy both at a distance and in close combat. And the medic will help his partners to stay in combat even in the most desperate situations!

Battlefield Mobile can be downloaded for free on any mobile device using our link. Installation takes only a few minutes, but be prepared to download the main package of files from the developer's servers. After all, the game provides an impressive physics of destruction, which is so famous series, which means you have to stock up on free space on your smartphone or tablet!


If you are a fan of the eternal rival of the above series, then you have some good news! Warzone mobile from the creators of Call of Duty is already available for download on Android. Enjoy large-scale battles and advanced graphics at any time! You can also try an alternative version of the popular shooter Call of Duty: Mobile and also for free.

And don't forget to follow the news about upcoming GTA 6 on our site! As soon as the game will be available, we will post it for download as well for free.

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