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Updated: 09 September 2022


PUBG Mobile is a unique grand game in which over 100 people simultaneously land on an island, the main task is to survive and become the last winner. There are a lot of different weapons and ammunition on the island, each has its own characteristics, also marked with colors so that players understand which weapon in front of them lies on the ground and have a certain firepower.

                                        PUBG Mobile

Jump out of a parachute, take a comfortable position, gather information on the ground and find weapons to start bending the enemy. Everything seems easy in words, but in practice it is extremely difficult. Pabg mobiles can be played alone or as a team against everyone.

Try after taking off from the plane to take a good position on the ground and landed it wisely, so that the point was not so much opponents in positions. After all, the first thing to do after being on the ground is to find your drops and gear so that you can get into the zone with confidence.

Yes, we forgot to tell you that it all takes place in the "battle royale" genre, the task is to survive and not take damage from the enemies, but also learn to come into the zone, otherwise the gas can kill you just as well as the opponents.

The game has its own atmosphere and dynamics on survival, because all 100 live players want to take the top. Don't forget that each map generation has a different unique place for weapons on the ground and changing it. In addition to weapons on the map there are boats, cars (jeeps, Uazis, motorcycles, buggies), which can be used. Technology helps to overcome the long distances.

Simple interface and controls that helps, even a novice to kill opponents. Excellent color scheme and graphics for mobile devices, great music and navigation layout. If you're bored playing with the regular skins, the game has in-game skins, where you can buy both weapon and character skins.


Speaking of graphics, the game PUBG Mobile is in many ways better than other games, especially on max settings. I want to mention, for weak phones there is a special version of PUBG Mobile Lite, and for the new more modern ones, we recommend you to try PUBG: NEW STATE.

If you like the battle royale, you can download Apex Legends Mobile, Warzone mobile, WARFACE or Call of Duty: Mobile. All games are similar in some way, but PUBG is the leader among them, but we have not yet seen in full how Warzone mobile will show itself, but that's another story.

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