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Updated: 11 January 2023


Valorant Mobile is a new mobile version of the popular PC game from Riot Games.

                                   Valorant Mobile

Time to plunge headfirst into the cool graphics and the atmosphere of endless firefights, where you are divided into 2 groups of 5 people by roles. Upgrade abilities with experience gained - for killing the enemy, planting a bomb (spike) or demining.

Several maps, which carried over from the PC version of the game, explore the corners, stashes and complex elements of the map to use properly the abilities (skills) of your hero to the maximum.

A large selection of weapons, intense combat between players, where you can win with your skill or tactics with the team.

Max your abilities, raise your level and get the maximum amount of game currency per round to buy more powerful weapons and start destroying everyone on the map.

If you've played Valorant at least once, then we recommend that you definitely try the following games:


    Warzone mobile - A mobile version of the popular battle royale.
    PUBG Mobile - Another mobile version of the battle royale, but from another studio.
    Battlefield Mobile - advanced battlefield battles where you have to show your skills.
    Rainbow Six Mobile - battles in tight spaces and maps, where you have to overpower your opponent thanks to your accuracy.
    Apex Legends Mobile is a multiplayer battle royale game that has managed to compete with such a giant as PUBG Mobile.

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