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Updated: 05 January 2023


Now you can start destroying crowds of enemies and monsters, for each destroyed you get bonuses, experience and coins. With each level you get 3 skill choices, each has different characteristics.

                                      Lonely Survivor

Upgrade to destroy the enemy army of enemies. The waves are endless and legions of enemies, want to kill all the heroes that decided to learn this world of magic.

The heroine is pumping herself, collecting EXP, Gold and unique artifacts that are scattered throughout the maps. Be sure to pump your fighting abilities and improve your weapons, talents - that's what will help you win.

Lonely Survivor game is very similar to such games as (Archero) by Habby or Diablo Immortal, so it seems that they are not very different. Incredibly similar in story, mechanics, or design.


Is it worth to play Lonely Survivor or not?

    Yes, we recommend to try it at least once, maybe it will catch on.
    You can play with one finger and one hand, making it easy and simple to collect resources.
    Learn random skills that can change the game quickly.
    A total of 10 maps with different dynamic events, mixed mechanics of fighting the boss and minions.
    3D realistic animation and MAX visualization in game.
    Large selection of chests, potions that increase your characteristics or health.

Will you be able to stand alone against crowds of zombies (yes, yes it's like in already iconic zombie games - Left 4 Dead 2, Zombie Catchers, Survivalist: invasion PRO)? Experience a new experience in the roguelike genre with firepower. The map is full of chests, items to upgrade and weapons to improve.

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