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Apex Legends Mobile is a famous multiplayer battle royale game that has managed to compete with such a giant as PUBG Mobile. The point is well known to fans of this genre: stay alive as long as possible and eliminate all other characters controlled by real gamers on your way. But be prepared to move constantly, because the active area of action is constantly narrowing!

                                      Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile android feature is that you will have to fight for survival not alone, but together with partners! Team up in teams of three and start your way to victory! With 60 gamers on 20 teams fighting for the gold, it won't be easy!

The game starts at one of the starting points, and the characters won't have any weapons. You'll have to quickly find the right items and start the fight. On a huge map scattered not only valuable weapons, but also ammunition for it. And if you need help, you'll have to look for first-aid kits, armor, and even temporary boosters! But don't think you can carry everything you can't carry, because each player's inventory is strictly limited.

A unique mechanic that is implemented in Apex Legends allows you to choose not only a character, but also assign him a certain class. This increases the tactical depth of the battle royale and enhances team interaction. Download Apex Legends Mobile for android hack on our website for free!


If you like the open world and constant shooting, but want something else unusual, download Gangstar Vegas. We can say that it is a clone of popular GTA series, where you can move around a huge city and do everything you want! By the way, don't forget to follow the updates on our website, because GTA 6 is coming soon! And if you want to get real battles on spacious maps without limits, then try to play Warzone mobile from the creators of the legendary shooter Call of Duty on PC!

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