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Updated: 03 August 2022


The favorite sports game of millions returns! A new version of the popular soccer simulator FIFA Mobile 23 will soon appear on mobile devices Android and iOS. It's time to find out what can surprise the next part of the series in terms of gameplay mechanics, modes and graphics!

What is FIFA 23?

FIFA Mobile 23

EA FIFA 23 is a soccer simulator, that has been popular among gamers for several decades. The distinctive feature of the game is the fully licensed images of stadiums, players, teams and even soccer uniforms. At the same time, there are many unique modes available in FIFA 23 Mobile, which are designed to present the soccer confrontation between virtual clubs and real gamers in different ways.

For example, according to leaks from FIFA 23 leaks, FIFA Ultimate Team mode will get a new round of development. It is a multiplayer mode, that allows gamer to create his dream team. The developers will add new competitive stages and tournaments, so everyone can demonstrate his skills to the whole gaming community! In addition, new cosmetic items that first appeared in the 2022 version to decorate your own stadium are not excluded. 

Technical innovations

In the new FIFA part gamers can enjoy the improved graphics and physics. Yes, the usual statements about the "changed ball physics" are already bored all the fans of the series, so the developers began to focus on a different aspect. 

In particular, FIFA 23 web app will have an improved animation of players with Hypermotion. All the movements were transferred from the real players, that made certain movements on special cameras. Again, this technology was created a long time ago and has already been used in soccer simulator. But the first time an updated version of Hypermotion was demonstrated in the version 2022.

It is also worth to mention the new cross-play feature, that will be supported on all devices, where the game is running. Now gamers will be able to compete with each other without any restrictions. And for female soccer fans we've prepared several new modes! Now you can take part in World Cup with female versions of teams!

When will FIFA 23 Mobile be released?

New part of soccer simulator should be released this fall. Tentative release date hasn't been announced, but considering the usual schedule, the game for mobile devices will be available between October and November.

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