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Updated: 22 October 2022


Mobile Left 4 Dead 2 just recently appeared on Google Play, but it did not find much popularity, because it provided only demo content + paid subscriptions for 1 and 12 months with a full purchase of the game.

                                     Left 4 Dead 2

The mobile version of the zombie shooter Left 4 Dead 2 first began to be discussed in September, a particularly strong PR started in Australia, but the developer company was considered not Valve, which immediately raised many questions about the game. Especially considering the fact that Valve also has not announced any add-on or a separate mobile version of its popular zombie shooter.

The first person who paid attention to this fact was Maxim Poletaev (content maker), he thought that the game may be a fake, so he decided to check it himself. Left 4 Dead II Mobile at the time of the test had only one location and several character models. The interface in the game was as simple as possible and the only thing in common with the game was - the Trainer icon and the Trainer himself. Very loud steps of the hero said that the final location is very small, and after passing the demo offered a subscription with the purchase of the game.

The studio developer CB&AKG Games, which did not inspire confidence in anyone, because recently they have released Monster Hunter Mobile, House Party Mobile and Patrol Officers Mobile, which later turned out to be fakes and cheating users on subscriptions. Probably the same with Left 4 Dead mobile, so players began to complain about Google PlaY developers.


Would you like to play Left 4 Dead mobile? Are you looking forward to the game from the official developers? Write in the comments, but for now we can recommend Day R Premium, Last Day on Earth: Survival and Survivalist: invasion PRO great survival and zombie apocalypse games.

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