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Updated: 06 November 2023


Fall Guys is a very fun multiplayer game that just recently came out on all available platforms, and for free! In it you have to create your own hilarious chump and take part in large-scale competitions. But do not think that everything will depend only on your skills! In Fall Guys for android implemented unusual physics, so all your movements will be the most ridiculous and funny!

                                Fall Guys

Fall Guys on android is very popular among gamers for many reasons. There are great cartoon graphics, exciting competitive modes, and easy gameplay. But the main thing this game is valued for is the opportunity to have fun with friends. Few games can offer gameplay that is designed for a huge number of participants simultaneously - up to 60 participants! In addition, all levels are randomly generated, so a unique experience for you and your friends is guaranteed!    

Fall Guys is free to download on our website. Just download the .apk file, install it on your mobile device and enjoy the game! Note that a huge number of cosmetic items are available in the game, which you can buy for real money. They do not provide any advantage in the game, but they can amuse you with their design.

And if you want meditative gameplay with a bias to puzzles, try to download Mysterious House Search for Android. This is a typical representative of the genre with the search for hidden objects, but the project stands out with its excellent visual style and a good story. After all, this time you will have to solve a mysterious murder!


Connoisseurs of quests should try the game Machinarium! In addition to challenging puzzles, you will have to advance the plot and help the main character to foil the plans of the villains. Moreover, the game has a very unusual design that will appeal to fans of techno-fantasy. If you appreciate the unusual atmosphere and visual style of the games, you should also pay attention to Sumeru.

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