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Last Day on Earth: Survival is a quality survival game that tells every player the sad story of a post-apocalyptic world. Humanity is once again on the brink of survival and the last survivors are surrounded by crowds of bloodthirsty zombies. In addition to being bloodthirsty, they are also constantly hungry, which only complicates the process of survival. This game was specifically designed for mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones, based on Android. You can download Last Day on Earth: Survival for free on android from the link below.

                                     Last Day on Earth: Survival

Returning to the subject of the game, it will be appropriate to emphasize that the game applications of a similar genre on the market are extremely numerous. Simply put, as the number of similar products increases, so does their quality. Nevertheless, among the mountains of garbage suddenly appeared a ray of light, which is Last Day on Earth: Survival. It is still in the testing phase, but already now this application is surprising and somewhat encouraging. Already the fact that the game managed to surpass a huge number of its counterparts at the stage of completion speaks volumes. It took only a couple of days after the appearance of the game on the Play Store, as it managed to download almost a million users around the world.


The game's plot tells the story of a sad accident that wiped out over two-thirds of the population of planet Earth at once. However, most of the survivors suffered a fate sadder than death itself - they will remain the wandering dead for the rest of their lives, until one of the remaining humans ends their starvation torment. The game itself starts with a simple green lawn. The essence of Last Day on Earth: Survival is about gathering vital resources, hunting animals, crafting items, building safe shelter, and killing zombies.


A distinctive feature of this game is that it provides an online mode. During the gameplay you will meet many other players from all over the world who have already managed to appreciate this game. There are two ways to move between locations: on foot or running. Of course, the latter way is almost instantaneous, but it requires a certain amount of energy, which is not infinite. In some places the game is literally saturated with donation.

It is impossible not to notice the amazing graphics, which impress from the first seconds. During the beta testing lags and glitches were almost absent, and the fact that the developers are working hard every day to bring their creation to perfection - warms the soul of every fan of Last Day on Earth: Survival.

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