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The busuu app helps you learn foreign languages such as English, Spanish and other languages easily and simply. In the application you can choose the language you want to speak fluently, regardless of whether you learned it before, because now you can easily learn and speak English, Spanish, French, German.


A large detailed dictionary, a lot of grammar reference material, a whole section with audio dialogues and tests. The course is designed for beginners, interpreters, and students with a good command of English. All very simple, pleasant to understand. I want to note that more than 50 million people use this application to learn languages.

You can learn languages in different formats: tests, games (such as in and audio-lessons. A large number of creative tasks, quests and there are achievements, awards for passing the tests.
What languages can I learn in less than a week with this app?

    Learn English: Basic basic grammar that's easy to remember, which means you can speak English in a short amount of time. Online courses and tests everything you need to learn the language.
    Learn French: You can learn French in the program for work or travel. You can speak French fluently after only 10 days. Take your course and bring your language skills up to a high level.
    Learn German: Online lessons and learning new words, useful phrases and sentences that will help you speak like a real German.
    Learn Spanish: Online Spanish courses to help you improve more than just your grammar. There are many articles in Spanish and articles from the newspaper El País which will help you improve your language level a lot. Take a Spanish course to become fluent in the language.
    The Spanish language is English | Arabic | Italian | Chinese | German | Polish | Portuguese | Russian | Turkish | French | Japanese.


Choose the right courses for you. Discover new features in the app, where you can learn languages with ease. Now you will not need to use Google Translator, because you can start understanding native speakers.

If you compare the basic materials with the app Google Classroom (online conferences and school lessons), the Busuu app beats them by a head.

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