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Every passerby has a smartphone in his pocket, bag or backpack, nowadays this device has become absolutely indispensable in every sphere of life. Except that most of them are standard - the same ringtones, texts, notifications, wallpaper and the like. How to stand out among this "standardization" and not lose your style?


Zedge on android is an application that can make your personal smartphone unique, recognizable and appropriate to the owner in style! This is realized by downloading and installing to your mobile device wallpapers, ringtones, alert sounds and many other useful things for Android.

Download wallpapers for android becomes easy and simple, because the application Zedge has a huge repository of wallpapers for every taste, color and situation. The high quality of the images guarantees the joy and pleasure of installing one of them on your smartphone. For owners of non-standard screen sizes there is an excellent function of adjusting the image to the desired parameters - where necessary, you can crop or add pixels.

About the same situation with music files - you can download ringtones for android in the Zedge app literally in a couple of clicks! Sounds and ringtones are downloaded and changed easily and quickly, and the biggest problem is usually choosing among the many cool options.

ZEDGE Premium APK will be the perfect choice if you want to make your phone or tablet unique, but are not ready to view a lot of annoying ads for the sake of it. Wallpapers, clocks, ringtones, sounds - all this can be downloaded completely free of charge and at any time convenient for you.

Among alternative applications can stand out HD wallpapers and 4K, there you can find wallpapers for android with a search by category, rating, tag and even size.


For users from the Russian Federation, there is also such a useful application as RuStore. It is created for the possible circumvention of sanctions with and free use of their mobile device.

The application can be easily downloaded via Google Play Market for free with constant updates of new versions of Zedge.

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