Download TapTap (CN) for Android

TapTap (CN) download for android
Current version: v2.44.2-rel.100000
Category: Programs / Internet
OS version: 5.0+
Language: English
Updated: 23 February 2023


If you live in any country in Asia, then you should definitely download TapTap, a store with a huge selection of games from all over the continent. With this app, you can quickly and easily find applications in Korean, Japanese and Chinese. 

                                     TapTap (CN)

TapTap (CN) is like Meesho but for gamers. With it you can download and play the latest versions of any game, as well as find content in selected languages. The latter is done with a built-in smart search system that allows you to:

Search among new games according to different parameters.
Explore a catalog of games of a particular genre.
Group search results by parameters. 
Download and install games directly from the manager.
Browse history updates.
Learn more.

TapTap for Android search is as simple and deep as Amazon Appstore.

The recommendations section deserves special attention. It is constantly updated with new games, releases of new versions of games. Using this section, you 100% will never get bored, because you can constantly find something new to have fun with. 

Right in TapTap (CN) you can browse through application descriptions and then download and install them with a single tap. The previews are published in English. Many games have descriptions-videos and technical requirements for a comfortable game. 


If you already have Shopee installed, we recommend you to download TapTap for Android. The program will make it much easier for you to find, explore, download and delete game content. Free download link:

Download TapTap (CN) for free

No viruses, tested!

Download TapTap (CN) from Google Play

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