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Dayilo is an unusual app that acts as an interactive diary. With its help you can not only record your own thoughts and observations, but also set up a number of useful notifications!


That's why Dayilo on android is hard to put into a certain category of applications. After all, here you can set up a number of useful notifications to help you stay in shape and keep track of proper nutrition. In addition, the app will offer the user to create a so-called "food photo log". In other words, you will be able to visually keep track of your figure changes by filling out an interactive diary!

The complete list of functions in Dayilo is really impressive because you can do practically everything here! Create notes, change visual settings, create new tasks for yourself and new habits, open virtual achievements and share it all with your friends through social networks! And at the end of each year you'll get detailed statistics on all the milestones you've passed.

Plus, you can put your photos in the diary and store them securely. All data is securely encrypted with the passwords you use. Export to Dayilo via PDF and CSV is also available.      

Want to get away from it all and try a new media content platform? Then download Snaptube on Android! There are a lot of interesting channels with author's videos and clips, that's why the platform is called a certain kind of popular Youtube.

If you are looking for reliable application for communication with your friends or want to get new acquaintances, then download Kate Mobile for Android. This is an unusual version of the current version of the social network Vkontakte, with which you can stay anonymous and keep track of a number of useful statistics.


And if you want to protect your mobile device from hacking and identity theft, then be sure to try Enpass password manager android. You can use it to securely store your passwords and then remove them from the list of saved in all browsers and third-party applications.

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