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Everyone's health is mostly in their own hands. Genetics, ecology, weather conditions have much less influence on those who monitor the state of their body and do sports. Exactly for such conscious and responsible people were created unique assistants - fitness trackers.

The most common are bracelets and variations on the theme of smart watches. For example, Mi Fit is an application from Chinese developers to manage and track the work of MI BEND fitness trackers in the form of wristband watches. But not everyone is comfortable using such devices, which means you need to look for an alternative solution.

                                     Sports Tracker

Sports Tracker on android perfectly copes with all the necessary tasks being an app for cell phones and tablets. This means that the user does not need to buy any additional devices. Modern phones have all the necessary sensors for measuring, access to maps via the Internet and equipped with GPS. All of these features will give the user the ability to analyze and adjust the loads they are getting for the results they want.

In addition to the benefits described above, the application is also a social network for active and sports people. In Sports Tracker you can find people who share your sporting interests, be it running, cycling, Nordic walking, skiing or much more. With the app functionality you can share your achievements, favorite routes, photos from training, diary entries receiving reactions and comments from your friends.

For outdoor enthusiasts, there's a great way to safely explore new trails around the world with heat maps. You can also plot your route in advance so you don't get lost. A special function n this route will help to easily analyze the effectiveness of actions on a given route.


The Sports Tracker premium app works with cell phones and tablets based on the Android operating system from version 6.0 and newer.

If the sports diary features are not enough, we recommend checking out Dayilo. This app is not related to sports, but will help you track and take care of your mental health.

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