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Google Drive is a special cloud-based file storage for cell phones and tablets with the Android operating system. Every smartphone user sooner or later faces the problem of lack of memory on his device, because modern technology can create and use high-quality multimedia and other types of files, but they take up a lot of space. Therefore, even expensive devices with initially large amounts of memory fill up quite quickly, which leads to braking, overheating of the device and other system errors.

                                       Google Drive

Download google drive on android becomes an important solution for the user to help maintain the functionality of mobile devices without compromising the consumption and use of files. Each user is given 15 GB of storage space for free. With a paid subscription, this amount can be increased up to 100 GB.

But that's not all the benefits, because with google drive you can easily share the files you need with other users without third-party downloads. Each file can be individually configured for access by other users - only view or view with the ability to edit. If you need to, you can also view your files without the Internet.

Also a very popular function is scanning of documents with the phone or tablet camera. It greatly facilitates the work of office workers and even students, because they all have to constantly deal with a variety of text documents for further work with them.

How to access Google Drive from android? First, you need to have a working Google account for authorization. Then you just need to open the application and you can proceed to the robot with the files.


Some people compare the capabilities of Google Drive with BitTorrent Pro, but this is not quite correct, because they are different programs with different functions. For some purposes it is better to use torrent, for others Disk is better suited.

To use the Google Drive app for android to the fullest extent is not required to get root rights, but you can use the Magisk Manager app if you need to.

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