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Updated: 04 January 2023


Our task is to grow plants that will kill the living dead. It is good that this game appeared in the android game market. The first part of the game was really a cult, so the developers decided to please us with the sequel. If we talk about the story of the game, nothing has changed. Mainly the changes touched the technical part. Of course the graphics changed - clearer, more realistic, that fans of the first part wanted to see. There are a lot of new locations, now they look more designed, more interesting, the graphics also helped.

                                       Plants vs. Zombies 2

Banal field, where you and the zombies are separated by a small distance, where our plants were, is no longer there, now in each location every detail is beautifully drawn, that, we can say, adds to the epic game and creates its own atmosphere. Themed locations allow you to change not only the environment, but also the appearance of the zombies. For example if we decide to go to Egypt to destroy zombies, our dead will be pharaohs, that rose from their caves.
The developers also provided paid features for the player. Now if we don't want to discover new plants ourselves, we can just buy them.


The same and locations, so do not expect that the most delicious will get into your hands without much effort. Constantly playing two or three levels a hundred times to gain a large number of points to open new locations is quite a challenge for the player, but here it's up to you to choose - either pay money or be able to discover all the game's features with your own labor. Android market is a good thing In general, the "picture" has not changed, opening any level, it is immediately clear what the game is and what you need to do.

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