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Updated: 27 February 2021


This is quite unexpected news. Since no one has even thought about the second part. What is the essence of this game? In front of us will stand a charming cat, which will talk to us, or rather repeat what we say. This is rather an application, at one time it was in the top for a long time, and many were surprised by this. The funny thing is that the cat will have a kind of funny voice, which can't help but bring a smile to your face. In addition to talking, we can also pet the cat, after which he is sure to purr, hit him lightly, make him play the drums, in general, such little things abound. Some features in the app, unfortunately, can only be bought. But that doesn't make the play market app any worse.


Since it didn't make sense for the developers to change the essence of the app, they put the emphasis on graphics and new features. So there are new features, most of them completely free, and of course the cat looks a lot more natural. In the first part there were some problems in the sense that when a person pronounced complex phrases, the cat spoke a little differently, the developers took this fact into account and made him smarter by adding vocabulary. Also the cat now has a neighbor - a dog that Tom doesn't like so much, so he likes to tease him in all possible ways, which you can do too. Touching on new features, we can say that now the cat can dress up different clothes, play some musical instruments and even sing. All in all, if you are looking for some entertainment that can cheer you up, Tom the Cat can help you. In the end we can say that the second part has become very successful, as for example Meinkraft on Android is completely harmless, so even young children can play it without any danger.

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