Download Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery for Android

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery download for android
Current version: v4.8.0
Category: Games / Strategies
OS version: 5.0+
Language: English
Updated: 09 March 2023


Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery game will not leave anyone indifferent, who has read, watched or played the PC version of the adventure with the same name. As you should expect, in Hogwarts Mystery you will live the life of students of the school of magic Hogwarts. The gameplay is divided into levels, before starting each of them you can choose the gender of your character, customize your avatar (right down to the hair and face). 

                                      Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Adventures in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery on Android begin with the choice of faculty (you decide which one to join). Then the adventure itself begins, during which you must earn as many Hogwarts Cup points as possible. The process is similar to The Witcher Adventure Game.

In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery for Android, you will interact with selected items in each level. After selecting them, energy is lost, but points are earned, which are needed to increase the level. And in this plan, you will have to look for a balance to successfully complete all tasks and move to the next level with new skils.

Yes, in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery there is no open world like in Genshin Impact, but it doesn't make the game boring and "limited". Just the opposite! After all, you will be able to plunge into your favorite magical world and interact with your favorite characters as much as possible. Snape, McGonagall, Dumbledore will come to life in the game, you will even be able to have conversations with them. 


The game can safely be called outstanding in its genre. And it enjoys huge popularity, like Undertale among its fans. You will definitely like its graphics, the unique charisma of each character and the carefully designed levels. In general, download Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery for free from the link below and convince yourself of the masterpieces of this project:

Download Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery for free

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