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Stick War: Legacy download for android
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Updated: 19 June 2022


Stick War: Legacy is a rather famous game where you will have to fight with the help of funny animated man from the more famous mobile games. It may be referred to the strategy genre, but there are also the elements of improving the characters. The gameplay is also unique because you can fight not only with computer dummies, but also with real users from all over the world!

Stick War: Legacy has several levels of difficulty, lots of different units and buildings. And all the action unfolds on a big map. You will have to control your army and gather resources for its reinforcement. There's also the mechanic of upgrading the soldiers' existing weapons, which adds variety and strategic depth.

                                 Stick War: Legacy

Stick War: Legacy can be downloaded on android from our link at no additional cost. The file with the game is unpacked directly on your mobile device. You can also download Stick War: Legacy mod to get an advantage at the start of the passage. You'll get some unique units, additional resources, and more! And if you're interested in unlocking virtual currency, free purchases of Stick War: Legacy are also supported in the mod!

Don't like strategy and want to find a decent horror game? Then download FNAF AR Special Delivery and immerse yourself in true virtual reality on your mobile device! The creepy characters look really scary despite the toy image of mechanical monsters.


And if you can't get enough of bigger battles, it's time to test your skills in World of Tanks Blitz! Widely known in domestic circles, the game offers a lot of different models of tanks, team skills, opportunities for customization and pumping.

And for those who miss casual games for a few minutes, we recommend to install Clash Royale and find an opponent for a dynamic duel in a colorful design. Collect cards, pump up their level and advance in the ranking, not distracted by the strategy.

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