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Skype is an updated version of the application that allows us to make calls anywhere in the world. You can also find it using the play market program One of the main pluses of the application is the ability to make video calls, so we can not only hear our interlocutor, but also see him. All calls within the app are absolutely free. But if you want to call your interlocutor on a standard phone, you can recharge the virtual account, and then it will be possible to call absolutely any number from any country.

All we need is the front camera of our smartphone and a good built-in microphone for comfortable communication with our interlocutor. In addition to phone communication with the interlocutor, there is also a text communication, if you want you can exchange small files.


There are no significant updates lately, only the speed of the program and the quality of communication are improving, nevertheless, these are quite important parameters.

Skype is a unique messenger of sorts, which combines the possibility of ordinary correspondence and telephone conversation at the same time.

Also the main pluses include the simplicity of the program, despite all the features of the application, running Skype for the first time, the user will not have any questions. If you want, the user can specify in your profile different information, such as full name, city, phone number, interests and so on. To avoid the strong server load, users are allowed to upload only a small avatar, normal pictures to place a profile will not work, indeed, as in any messenger. And if you have a lot of free time you can download games from play market everywhere in the internet. At the moment Skype is available in all modern countries, and the number of users exceeds a billion, not to mention the number of calls daily, another useful program on android is VKontakte.

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