How to install an APK from a computer to Android

Installing various games and applications from the Play Market service is quite easy. The installation process is optimized by the developers of the Android operating system and designed for the most inexperienced users. If you have a question "how to install the ARK file on Android from your computer?" Then you may have difficulties.

This process of installing applications from an ARC file will cause many difficulties.
The first thing you should do is to allow the installation of applications from unknown sources, to do this you need to go into the settings of your device and click on "allow downloads from unknown sources", which is located in the security section of your Android.

After disabling, allowing the feature, you will be able to install any ARC files.

The second way is to transfer the ARK file from your personal computer to your Android device.
  • connect your Android with a USB cable to your computer
  • use the Bluetooth function

To do this, copy the ARK file in your computer and transfer it to your device in any folder.

The third way is to run the ARC file on the Android itself. For this you will need any file manager of the Android system.
Start the file manager, go to the folder where the ARC file you are interested in is located. After opening the ARK file on the screen of your Android device you will see a window suggesting to install it on your mobile device by pressing "Next" button.

After that, the ARC file will be automatically installed on your Android device and then the icon of the application you installed will appear in the menu.