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Password manager is an indispensable application nowadays, because in the age of digitalization a secure password protects your data, finances, and security in any sphere of life. Few people can remember a huge number of complex combinations of symbols, and setting simple or identical passwords is insecure.

                                      LastPass Password Manager

LastPass password manager is one of the options to make life easier, because you no longer need a lot of papers with passwords, constant account restores due to forgotten passwords or logins. The application works great with Android and iOS cell phones as well as with the desktop, but as a browser plugin.

LastPass Password Manager provides a high level of protection for your data thanks to the AES-256 symmetric block encryption algorithm. But it is very important to keep in mind that all information is stored in the cloud, so for very important passwords it is recommended to add extra characters and then remove them manually from the already filled in field. This method will create an additional level of data protection, which will not depend on the application itself, e.g. in case it is hacked.

There is a handy feature for users - generating passwords of a specified level of complexity. Using this feature solves the problem of similar or too simple passwords, which can become an easy target even for novice hackers.

LastPass password manager for android has another useful feature - the ability to create encrypted notes with text information. Such files are specially encrypted with a master password - a passphrase, without which there will be no access to the files.

The app can synchronize with other devices, but it is important to keep in mind that the free version of LastPass Password Manager has recently been unable to synchronize different types of devices - mobile gadgets and desktops. Now you will have to pay for an advanced version of the app to combine these types of devices. The first time you authorize the app, you get to choose the type you want.


Cell phones, smart watches, Android or iOS tablets are one type. Windows, MAC and Linux-based desktops and laptops are the second type, desktops. Partially bypassing this restriction for free can help AirDroid on Android, which gives remote access to your phone from your computer.

An application with similar functionality - Enpass password manager, can be a decent alternative. Also, for more convenient use of password managers in all conditions, you can put VPN Master for Android.

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